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Australian Man Accused of Killing and Cooking His Girlfriend

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Australian Man Accused of Killing and Cooking His Girlfriend

A 28-year-old chef has been accused of murdering and cooking the dismembered body parts of his girlfriend before killing himself, reported Courier Mail on Monday.

According to the report, police were alerted to the couple’s apartment in the Teneriffe suburb of Brisbane, Australia after neighbours complained of a bad smell.

It was reported police found what appeared to be a body part allegedly belonging to Mayang Prasetyo on the stove in the apartment on Saturday. Prasetyo is said to have met Marcus Peter Volke (pictured above) while working on a cruise ship.

Police have yet to confirm the body part belonged to Prasetyo but human remains were also allegedly discovered in bin bags filled with chemicals.

After fleeing from police on Saturday, Volke was found dead nearby after an allegedly self inflicted throat wound.
Volke’s mother said the couple had not been in Brisbane for long:

“They were starting to get settled. I don’t know what was going on — we hadn’t seen him for a year and a half,” she was quoted as saying.

“It still doesn’t feel real. He was one of these kids that would do anything for you – he had a feel for nature.”

She said she had spoken to him a week before the incident:

“He was happy and he was coming home for Christmas, everything was normal,’’ she said.

Investigations continue.

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