Latest On Zimbabwean Woman and Nigerian Man Who Got Stuck Together During Sex in Yeoville Jo’burg

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    A married Zimbabwean woman and a Nigerian man were allegedly caught on camera with their sexual organs failing to let go of each other, after their pleasure session in Yeoville, Johannesburg on Friday.

    Witnesses claim that the couple was embarrassingly seen being brought down the stairs out of the apartment by medical personnel from the Johannesburg Emergency Services to nearby Charles Maxeke Academic Hospital.

    The couple has been reported dead and the whereabouts of the man who was married to the woman in question are still not known. Below is a picture supplied by alleged eye witnesses of the woman and her husband:


    And below is the picture of the woman and her Nigerian boyfriend stuck together:



    A video has also surficed showing a crowd of people watching the couple stuck together. Below is the video clip:




    Some people claim this is an old video shot some time in 2011 / 2012 in Uganda. If you have information that you feel is accurate regarding this story, feel free to email us at