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Flying Naked Woman Steals Police Van.

When a butt naked woman flying through the air with a broom not only scares the residents but scares the copstoo!

Residents from L section in KwaMashu, north of Durban said they heard loud footsteps on their roofsbefore stepping out to see what it was. They opened their to a horror scene when They claim to have seen an unknown naked woman flying from rooftop to rooftop on a broom!

When residents tried stopping her, she apparently just laughed at them and continued her roof hopping until they called the police – but that didn’t help either.

One of the residents, Nosipho Ngcongo (35) said they had never seen anything like this before. Nosipho said when the police arrived, the woman allegedly pulled a police woman out of the van and sat down on the seat. She shouted at the driver to get out. The male cop became scared and jumped out of the van.

“The woman moved into the driver’s seat. The next thing we saw her driving away,” said Nosipho.

“But the attempted escape in the cop van didn’t go well. She drove into a water meter and the van stopped.”

“It was a struggle but residents helped the cops and eventually they got the woman into the back of the van,” she said. Major Thulani Zwane confirmed that cops attended the scene. No case has been opened yet.